Sherawaye (Shera) is a vision driven change agent with over 16 years in global brand communications. Shera has worked in London, Sydney, and now calls Singapore home.

During her agency years, she was known for in building practices from the ground up, winning large scale business and transforming businesses. She was part of the team that transform Guinness, turning it into a super brand, focusing on the goodness of the brand, the philanthropic legacy, but also the quality of the beer. Additionally, she led Culture and Entertainment (EU) partnerships for Diageo, Bacardi and Bose.

She has proven brand experience in delivering creative, earned solutions that drive commercial success. Her achievements have meant that she has provided communications solutions for some of the world’s most iconic brands —locally and globally.

Today, she leads the communications for Personal Care at Unilever and has brought her large-scale agency experience into inhouse to help incorporate an earned-first perspective in D&E markets Today she leads the communications for Personal Care, a 12 billion Euro business with hubs in London, the UK, and Singapore. She works on the most well-known and trusted brands globally, such as Lifebuoy, Lux, Pepsodent and Closeup, leading their hero awarding winning PR campaigns.

Skills: Global communications with further experience in digital, corporate, crisis, employee, and brand marketing.