Matt Shoult is the Founder & CEO of Maker Lab, a marketing transformation consultancy that redefines the landscape. With a career that spans over two decades, Matt has shown a deep commitment to bringing more integrity and responsibility to the world of marketing.

From the outset, Matt’s keen eye identified a critical flaw in traditional advertising agencies: the widening gap between creatives and clients. This gap often relegated talented individuals to mere components in an impersonal process. Matt’s insight into this issue inspired him to envision a new way for agencies to function, one that prioritized direct, impactful interactions with clients.

In 2015, leveraging his extensive global experience and driven by a distinct vision, Matt founded Maker Lab in Singapore. He aimed to build a consultancy grounded in the values of transparency, inclusivity, and collaborative team dynamics, ensuring that each project reflected these principles. This innovative approach marked a significant shift from the industry’s usual hierarchical and detached methods.

At Maker Lab, Matt pioneered the concept of bespoke teams integrated within clients’ own marketing frameworks. These teams, curated and managed by Maker Lab under Matt’s guidance, offer flexible solutions that can either complement or replace existing marketing structures. This unique strategy ensures more efficient and cost-conscious marketing initiatives.

To take it a step further, Matt introduced an innovative approach for building in-house agency teams. He advocated for hiring employees who are not just skilled professionals but also fans of the brands they work with. This approach fosters a deeper connection and understanding of the brand’s core values and mission, leading to more authentic and effective marketing strategies. Matt’s vision emphasized that passion in the workplace emerges from working on projects and with brands that one truly believes in.

Now, Maker Lab, under Matt’s leadership, has grown into a vibrant community of nearly 300 marketing specialists spanning APAC, the US, and the UK. It stands as a testament to Matt’s unwavering commitment to innovation in the industry. His leadership continues to inspire a culture of collaboration, creativity, and a positive workplace, driving Maker Lab towards its mission of breaking the conventional molds of the agency landscape.