Judson is the Head of Marketing, Quick-Commerce at foodpanda Singapore, where he currently leads end-to-end integrated marketing strategies and campaigns for pandamart (foodpanda’s own cloud grocery store), foodpanda shops (foodpanda’s online marketplace), pandago (foodpanda’s on-demand delivery service), loyalty and foodpanda corporate. He brings more than a decade of experience in media, branding, and marketing across entertainment, technology, hospitality and retail industries.

Judson views the world of marketing as a playground of ideas, and constantly motivates his team to think out-of-the-box with passion and creativity. His knack for bringing novel experiences to life burgeoned while growing up. For example, Judson created a “haunted science garden tour” while in primary school, where he charged schoolmates a small fee for a tour around the school’s garden accompanied by a narration of made-up horror stories. His ardent drive to make every brand touchpoint fun, coupled with a deep understanding of consumer behaviour, allows him to fortify foodpanda’s growth in new market segments.

Judson also has a deep interest in intercultural communication, nurtured during his time as a radio producer and presenter on UFM1003 where he produced stories on travel, Korean culture and K-pop. He then lived in Seoul for three years where he picked up the language and pursued a Master of Arts in Korean Studies. Outside of work, he enjoys swimming and boardgames.