Dr. Hubert Etienne is an AI ethicist, formerly serving as Meta’s Global Generative AI Ethics Lead and currently as the CEO of Quintessence AI.

He is a pioneer researcher in AI ethics and the inventor of Computational philosophy, a hybrid approach he developed at Facebook AI Research to analyze online social behaviors. It revealed particularly valuable to increase the performance of AI systems detecting misinformation content, as well as to analyse users’ behaviours within Instagram influencers’ communities.

At Meta, he was responsible for developing holistic approaches to ensure the responsible development and monitoring of the generative AI-based products deployed across the company’s platforms. At Quintessence, he leads a team of world-class experts who combine multidisciplinary expertise to support governments, investors and corporations in developing efficient frameworks to AI and data governance.

Dr Etienne is the Founding Chair of the Paris Conference on AI & Digital Ethics an Adjunct Professor of AI ethics at Sciences Po and ESCP Europe, and a former visiting scholar at the universities of Harvard, Stanford and Oxford. His work is accessible on his website.