Christopher Kannesan is a seasoned technology and marketing professional, with over two decades of experience driving digital transformation and enhancing customer engagement through innovative strategies. With a knack for seamlessly integrating advanced technology solutions into comprehensive marketing campaigns, Chris aligns innovation with customer demands effortlessly.

Currently serving as the Vice President of Business Development at Searix, Chris leads strategic initiatives focused on propelling the company’s growth trajectory through pioneering event technology solutions. His involvement in this dynamic industry has led to the exploration of numerous innovative ideas, delivering measurable engagement solutions to clients effectively.

During his tenure as Chief Operating Officer at a boutique Out Of Home agency for nearly a decade, Chris honed his marketing skills managing a portfolio of diverse clients including airlines, e-commerce, and banking sectors. Tasked with facilitating the adoption of technology in marketing, he implemented data analytics and AdTech platforms, optimising marketing endeavours and maximising ROI.

Driven by a passion for leveraging data-driven insights and staying abreast of industry trends, Chris is committed to delivering engagement driven solutions that yield tangible results and foster enduring customer loyalty in today’s dynamic digital landscape. His relentless pursuit of innovation and ability to navigate the intersection of technology and marketing allow him to boldly explore new frontiers and deliver agile, innovative, and reliable solutions.