Focus Group Topics

May 16 11:00 am - 12:45pmFocus Groups

Start of focus group

11:00 am

Topic A - Balancing act in data-driven marketing strategy

Topic B - Becoming a trendsetter vs trend-follower

Topic C - Cost-efficiency in omnichannel marketing

Topic D - What can B2C marketers learn from B2B marketers

Topic E - Optimising and getting the most of the martech stack

Topic F - Agility in light of macroeconomic uncertainties

Topic G - Hiring and retaining top talent

Topic H - What can B2B marketers learn from B2C marketers

Topic I - Evergreen experiences (quick wins and low hanging fruits to get started

Topic J – What’s missing in your customer journey?

Topic K - Sending the right message through proper content dissemination

Topic L - Data protection, privacy, and regulations

Topic M - We’re done with purpose, let’s think impact

Topic N - The road from generative AI to AGI (artificial general intelligence)

Topic O – Getting the most out of ad spend

Topic P – Contextual marketing in the post-cookies era

Topic Q – Automating workflows and tightening collaboration between teams

Topic R – Managing an integrated omnichannel media planning system

Topic S - Enhancing experience through personalisation at scale

Topic T - The rise of deinfluncers

end of focus group