Focus Group Topics

May 14 10:50 am - 12:25pmFocus Groups

Marketing Economics

Topic Area 1

Topic A – Maximising budgets and ROI in uncertain times

Topic B – Optimising omnichannel marketing plans

Topic C – Managing the martech stack

Topic D - Creating more effective briefs

Topic E – Prioritising authentic connections with consumers through compelling storytelling


Topic Area 2

Topic F – Developing data-driven briefs

Topic G - Preparing for the post-cookies era

Topic H – Managing and maximising first-party data


Topic Area 3

Topic J – Hiring and retaining top marketing talent

Topic K – How B2C marketers can learn from B2B marketers

Topic L – What can B2B marketers learn from B2C marketers

Topic M – Should Marketing Oversee ESG?


Topic Area 4

Topic N – Staying ahead of digital disruption

Topic O – Managing your brand presence in a fragmented media environment

Topic P – Making the most of retail media opportunities

Topic Q – Understanding the changing consumer

Topic R - Is the future of social dead? How the role of social is evolving, and the path ahead for brands

Marketers of the future

Topic Area 5

Topic S – To AI or not to AI

Topic T – Podcast Power: Amplifying your message through customer conversations

Topic V - Unleashing the Full Power of Social Media: Is Your Brand Seizing the Opportunity