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Value Engine: Moving Media Upstream

Campaign360 is a global action-orientated event designed to rethink the future of media. For the last 6 years, Campaign360 and Media360 before it, has united leaders in media, marketing and advertising with the purpose to support and grow the industry by focusing on specific themes making an impact each year.

In 2019, Campaign360 demonstrates the real value the media, creative and marketing services sector brings to clients, talent, consumers and economies. The goal of the event is to rebuild the media industry’s value proposition, to strategically demonstrate its real worth to business in a fast-changing and often volatile marketplace.

The average tenure of the CMO continues to decline, with mounting pressure from procurement teams and activist investors for cost reduction and bottom-of-the-funnel wins. Pitches and decisions are led by price and short-term goals with little emphasis on longevity and brand value. We talk a lot about moving the needle to make long-term brand-building preeminent but, is anything changing?

Then there’s the ongoing threat from consultancies, making their mark in Europe and sweeping east to Asia- Pacific. Media agency reinvention stories surface weekly, with many inventing new tools for marketers and offering a different set of services. Are media agencies moving into the consultative space? Now an active part of the ecosystem, it’s time to bring consultancies in on the conversation.

Join us for Campaign360, on March 5, 2019 at the Capella Singapore as we bring the best in the business under one roof for high-level discussions on how to shape better opportunities for business and talent.

2018 Agenda

Registration and pre-conference networking

Campaign's opening remarks

Campaign Asia-Pacific welcomes you to the second annual Campaign360; an event designed to rethink our future and accelerate growth for the business of media, through the power of technology and transformation.

Through great disruption, comes great opportunity

With multiple and complex forces impacting business models, 2018 is set to be a year of great change. How are industry leaders eyeing future growth? This opening keynote session sets the scene for Campaign360, bringing the big questions to the fore and exploring the forces of growth for the business of media in Asia and globally.

Everything has changed, so why haven't we?

The media environment is moving at great speed: Media formats, the tools, the technology, the talent. Media organisational structures and traditional business models will not stand the test of time and media companies must reinvent if they are to survive. If we don’t adapt at the speed of the consumer, do we run the risk of diminishing altogether? What does being nimble even mean? This panel discussion brings together leaders from every corner of the industry to find the solution and come up with a plan. Let’s collaborate and find a way to progress.

What is ’Value'? Aligning marketing performance agendas

With customer analytics and customer experience as key marketing focus areas, the traditional cost-based metrics of digital media success are being challenged. This means Marketers, Agencies and Publishers, increasingly need to agree on the performance metrics that matter. In an open discussion, our expert panel discusses and debates what these metrics should be. How can technology play a greater role in improving marketing performance and how can the whole ecosystem be more transparent with each other? Do agencies really want to be paid for performance? Can marketers really sign-up to success-based contracts? Where does the publisher come into all this; should they be prepared to take more risk to ensure value is delivered?

Networking and morning refreshments

Short-termism and sleepless nights

There are seismic pressures on brands and agencies to innovate and deliver authentic content and experiences. In addition, the want of short-term results means marketing leaders are under extreme pressure to deliver - and deliver fast. Then there are the new players; brands are enlisting consultancies to accelerate business decisions, which furthers the disconnect between clients and their agency partners. This brand panel looks at the changing responsibilities of CMOs. What are their pressures and what keeps them up at night? How will consultancies and new technologies play a role in decision-making in the future?

Creativity vs technology: the effectiveness debate

The art versus the science has for a long time been debated by industry leaders. One side is the old-school creative, responsible for the big TV ad production and award-winning concept. The other sees only a future where AI does everything for us – from concepts derived from algorithms and creative generated through a computer or robot. One argues that in the sea of sameness, creative is the only differentiator and the technology is always the same. The other debates that in an industry where programmatic is now everything, the need for multiple creative generated at speed is fundamental and something a human cannot keep up with. In this debate, we challenge creative vs technology. How do you make technology consistently creative and creative technologically advanced? Is our preoccupation with machines taking away from creativity and effectiveness?

Disrupt or be disrupted. Who wins the future?

Literature and film predicted technology’s eventual takeover of the world many decades ago. Humans will be phased out and those remaining mere servants to the technology that rules us… Maybe it won’t be that dramatic, but there is both fear and excitement across industries, as automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning go from strength-to-strength, revolutionising the world we live in. Despite the fear mongering, there is still a role for humanity and there is great opportunity to capitalise and take ownership of this space in the future. The question is, the merging of technology and humanity, whose game is it to win?

Lunch and networking

The China business-building opportunity

Emerging technologies, cultural shifts and the booming economy have forced enormous growth in China and a lot of global and local businesses are having to rethink strategies so they don’t miss out. This session looks at the strategic opportunities for growth in China and how best to tap into the tech giants wealth of data and digital marketing capabilities. How is customer experience in China changing and how can global brands win in China while maintaining global brand alignment?

The honest appraisal and a question of talent

Youth and diversity fuel innovation in business. CEOs want this talent but the age-old issue of recruitment and retention continues to resurface. In this session, media and creative juniors lift the lid on what environment is needed for them to thrive. What empowers them and what drives them away? Do their CEOs need to buck up their ideas? Plus, we drill down into how to bring talent into the business – how have things progressed? What do we need to look out for in the future and how can we ensure we’re getting it right? Featuring nominated talent from Mindshare, Omnicom Media Group and Denstu.

The next three years through the lens of the customer

We continuously debate the changing state of media but let’s not forget the real face behind the revolution – the consumer. Data and technology have opened the door to the possibility of highly targeted people-based marketing, and the type of seamless consumer experience that could dramatically change the advertising landscape forever. But let’s be realistic - this has been talked about for some time, so what is needed to make it reality in 2018? The brands that succeed in this environment will recognise that sophisticated data collection and understanding is important, and to achieve this state of marketing utopia by implementing people-based marketing, a change in strategic mindset is required. This panel debate will pick apart the building blocks needed to put people-based marketing at the core of your marketing and consumer strategy in 2018.

Networking and afternoon refreshments

Format of the future: What is next for media?

With so many new technologies and media formats to engage consumers in, it’s difficult to know what trend will contribute most to the growth of the market in the future. What are fads and what will revolutionise media? This session aims to inspire with a keynote from the masters of ephemeral content, Snap Inc, who will encourage you to think outside the box and look beyond the next 12 months. In a space that is crowded with new technologies and ideas, what ideas can we challenge and brief our agency and brand teams to look out for? Be the leaders driving the trend, not riding it.

Brand safety and transparency? That’s my job

Brand safety has been an ongoing challenge since the birth of automation in advertising. It is the past 12 months that have brought it to the fore. Do media agencies need to restore confidence on the issues of transparency and brand safety? Or should brands be taking control of their media, asking the right questions and driving change? Can technology solve all our problems? Brands are slashing spend and the number of agencies they work with in a bid to clear the ‘murky’ supply chain and ensure brand safety. Is this the answer?

Leading APAC into a brighter media future

Regional CEOs are under immense pressure as the global macro challenges continue to affect APAC. Change requires new and innovative technologies, industry collaboration and the bravery to reinvent. In this session, we bring it back to APAC. What strategic changes do CEOs need to make in the next 12 months to fight away the disruptive forces that have damaged the business of media? What opportunities does APAC present and where are these pockets of growth? Do our regional CEOs feel positive about the future?

The Campaign360 debrief

We’ve debated, analysed, strategised and shared learnings but what are the real takeaways from the day? This closing speech digests the day.

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Working with a Content Advisory Board, Campaign360 aims to generate productive discussions with a focus on moving media upstream to equip leaders with the tools to articulate the value that our sector brings to clients, talent, consumer and economies. The programme enables media and marketing leaders to effectively demonstrate value to stakeholders, clients and the broader industry.

2019 Campaign360 Venue

Campaign360 2019 returns to Capella Singapore, located at the heart of Sentosa Island. The famed gardens and grounds will provide an awe-inspiring backdrop for an important day of discussion, planning and action.

Exclusive rate for Campaign360 guests

Campaign360 guests seeking accommodations are eligible for an exclusive rate of S$400 per room per night at the Capella’s Premier Rooms (reduced from S$1,050). Book your stay here or for further enquiries, please contact Jermaine Lek at or +65 6591 5019.

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